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Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy, Personal Training, and Wellness Coaching

What is Stay Fit Physical Therapy & Core Wellness?

Stay Fit Physical Therapy & Core Wellness offers a unique and comprehensive list of health and wellness services, including physical therapy, therapeutic massage, personal training and faith-based weight loss.


Our goal is to help you overcome current health conditions and prevent future injury through a holistic approach to wellness. We view the body as a whole, rather than isolated individual parts, and provide personalized and comprehensive treatment plans designed to strengthen body, mind, and spirit.


At Stay Fit, you'll benefit from the medical expertise of licensed physical therapists, massage therapists, personal trainers and wellness coaches as they thoughtfully guide you on your journey to better health. 

As an active participant in your care, you'll learn a wealth of information about how to self-correct so that you gain the knowledge and experience to fix misalignments, address postural imbalances and asymmetries, and manage pain. 

Stay Fit Physical Therapy and Core Wellness is a Christian, faith-based organization. In addition to our Mount Prospect location, we offer many virtual wellness services to help you Get Fit and Stay Fit from the comfort of home.

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Our team includes Licensed Physical Therapists, Massage Therapists, Certified Personal Trainers and Wellness Coaches.

We are committed to helping you Get Fit and Stay Fit by enhancing the health of your mind, body, and spirit.

We offer our services in English, Spanish, French, Polish, and Arabic.

Diana Sahakian, Founder


Hi! I'm Diana, a physical therapist, counselor, entrepreneur and wellness coach.

My own struggles with chronic pain and weight challenges led me to develop the 5 principle method that helped me overcome my struggles and discover total wellness, and I want to help you experience the same.


Our 5 Principle Method

We will teach you how to leverage these five proven principles to achieve long-term lifestyle changes.

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