Learn to overcome pain,
prevent injury and
experience wellness.

Physical Therapy

We offer a wide variety of physical therapy designed to improve your health and wellness.

Massage Therapy

Relax and enjoy one of our many therapeutic massages and feel the stress melt away.

Stay Fit for life

Join our Stay Fit for Life Facebook group and get the results you've always wanted.


& Fitness

Find out about personalized training, fitness classes, and membership.




Lose weight and keep it off with our 5-step weight loss program.

Do you struggle to feel well?

Do you have pain that limits your movement?

Are you struggling to get through your daily activities?

Is it time to take control of your health?
Are you struggling to know where and how to start your wellness journey?

Have you lost weight but find yourself gaining it back?

Did your last exercise program flop?

Overcome pain, prevent injury & experience wellness through movement retraining, weight loss, and wellness education

  • Reduce falls

  • Increase Energy

  • Fight opioid epidemic

  • Reduce risk of surgery
    & invasive procedures

  • Regain your strength & movement

  • Customized exercise plans to help meet fitness goals

  • Effective weight loss & management programs

Where do I get started?

Schedule a physical therapy evaluation.

You might be wondering why you need to see a physical therapist and not a personal trainer, physician, chiropractor or wellness coach.

Physical therapists are experts in human movement and trained in pain management, movement and exercise, weight loss and overall wellness. We can identify impairments in physical and comprehensive wellness, then help you move well, feel well and live well.

With direct access - the ability to see a PT without a doctors prescription - your first stop on your wellness journey should be to see a physical therapist for an evaluation.



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