The 5 Principles Method

Five proven principles that result in  long term lifestyle changes

Whether you want to lose weight, keep it off, build muscle, lose fat, overcome pain, overcome inactivity, overcome fatigue and low energy, or make long term lasting changes to your life changes, this method will set you up for success. Guaranteed. 

With the 5 Principles Method you will...

  • Stop losing weight and gaining it all back by learning how to change your thinking and your habits and develop long term lifestyle changes that lead to lasting success

  • Regain your energy and ability to focus by consistently moving your body, improving your food choices and establishing daily practices that are proven to yield success

  • Learn how to overcome recurring pain and don’t let pain stop you from living your best life yet

  • Discover the beauty of aging well and slow down the age process by learning how to make necessary adjustments as you approach each new season of life 

  • Learn how to incorporate the 5 principles into your everyday so you can get fit and stay fit no matter what life brings

  • Finally achieve the results you always wanted in your health and wellness 

The Five Principles Are...

Image by Brooke Lark


Journaling is a key component for developing your mind, body and spirit. We focus on two components to journaling: behavioral tracking and reflective journaling.



Know where you are at and where you should be so you can set effective goals. We help you prioritize your goals, establish a plan and work on achieving your goals one step at a time.


Daily accountability and encouragement is a critical step to success. As you identify your goals, you’ll share them with others and watch yourself progress with the power of accountability.


Learn about the quality of your diet and a lifestyle that prioritizes whole food clean eating. We’ll calculate the specific macronutrients your body needs to meet your goals and teach you meal prepping strategies.


We solve the problem of what you should do and how much you should be doing. We’ll give you workouts that encompass all the different types of exercise you need.