Physical Therapist Wellness Services: "Strive for progress, not perfection. Our personalized programs are for individuals of all fitness levels and are designed to get you the RESULTS you desire."

These services are performed by one of our Physical Therapists and are not usually covered under health insurance.

Fitness Assessment

A PT Fitness Assessment (Provided by a Licensed Physical Therapist) is a process designed to measure your current level of fitness.  It provides a "snap-shot" of your current physical fitness level.

 How does having a fitness assessment benefit me?
 * Identifies potential areas of health and/or injury risk
 * Provides critical baseline information about your current health and fitness level
 * Develops and gets you started with an effective results based exercise program
 * Establishes short and long term goals and motivates you
 * Identifies your strengths and weaknessess
 * Results reviewed by licensed physical therapist

 What is measured during a fitness assessment?
 * Cardio-respiratory Endurance
 * Body Composition
 * Muscular Strength
 * Muscular Endurance
 * Flexibility
 * Balance
 * Medical History
 * Personal Goals for Fitness                                                                                                                                           Results are then carefully analyzed by our physical therapists.  The assessment process not only starts you on an appropriate fitness plan, through ongoing comparison, it actually measures progression.   
 (Follow-up available)

Video Gait Analysis

 A Physical Therapist will analyze your gait (walking pattern) on our in-house treadmill.  Walking is the most "repetitive daily task" that every individual does, and can be a source of "repetitive injury." A video monitor will enable us to see, while in motion, how your gait pattern (and running pattern, if desired) is affected by your posture, balance, strength, flexibility and the shoes you wear.  This allows us to highlight biomechanical patterns with more precise feedback in order for us to make a powerful and objective gait and biomechanical analysis.  Based on this information the therapist will be better able to identify abnormal movement patterns and implement a corrective treatment plan.  This plan may include specific stretching and strengthening exercises as well as recommendations on footwear, over –the-counter inserts, and/or custom foot orthotics.
(Follow-up available)

Sport Specific Analysis

Sport-Specific Analysis (SSA) is provided to analyze, educate, instruct, and provide athletes with performance analysis results and on-going training (if desired) that will allow you to participate in healthy sport activities and to maximize your potential.  SSA provides athletes with quality, evidence-based training to reduce injury risk on the field as well as increase their athletic potential. Programs are individualized to each athlete to allow for the greatest gains and improvement towards their particular goals. All analysis and training is supervised by Physical Therapists and is completed with specific goals in mind including injury prevention, speed enhancement, agility, power, strength, balance, flexibility, and functional movement.  Enhance your abilities and help address your special health and performance needs.

•Use of Video-Analysis will help you overcome the physical limitations that may prevent you from reaching your goals.
•Physical Evaluation of the person's posture, range of motion, strength and flexibility.

•Exercise recommendations and fitness program development.
•Follow-up physical evaluation.
•Follow-up video analysis to assess progress.


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