Private Coaching

Private, personalized, and customized guidance to achieve your optimal wellness

We come alongside you and customize your health and wellness program  to meet your specific needs. Private Coaching is for anyone who...

  • Has a busy schedule and needs a customized wellness plan that is efficient

  • Understands the value of weekly coaching and accountability 

  • Wants to reach their highest potential while taking into account work-life balance

  • Wants to improve their energy levels, focus and motivation 

  • Wants to make healthy lifestyle changes but is not sure where to start

  • Wants a long-term plan that leads to mindset and lifestyle change

  • Wants guidance with weight and stress management as well as overall wellbeing 

Here's what you'll get by joining

Personal assessment of your health

Individualized health and wellness program to reach your personal goals

Weekly 45' private Zoom coaching meetings

Daily accountability


Unlimited Zoom fitness classes - recorded and available anytime


Unlimited live fitness classes - recorded and available anytime

Access to our Facebook group

Weekly nutrition and physical therapy education


Why it works

Our clients achieve and maintain success because they learn to implement the 5 Principles Method to their health and wellness. The 5 Principles Method are five key components that lead to developing lasting lifestyle changes and total transformation of body, mind, and spirit. They are: journaling, goal setting, accountability, nutrition and exercise. 

The 5 Principles Method is a proven and successful method that will not only result in visible and significant changes but will also enable you to maintain those results over time and continue to make more progress towards your goals.  

Learn more about the 5 Principles Method here.


How to Sign Up

We can't wait to come alongside you and help you succeed!

We recommend beginning with a free strategy call. 

Don't worry, you're under no obligation to join! 

What others are saying...

"This coaching program with Diana and her team has helped me not only lose weight and keep it off, but become overall healthier, happier, stronger, and more confident. Incredibly competent team and I can’t believe how far I’ve come in only 4 months of coaching!" - Ally M., CEO

"After only six weeks I’ve been working with Diana and her team I feel like I've been bitten by the exercise bug. Their coaching has been invaluable to keep me moving forward in progressing towards not only wellness but increased better health. I’m so very grateful for their expertise as well as encouragement!" - Marie Longo