Bible Inspired Yoga– 10 classes with Diana Sahakian, PT

​​​​​​​Bible Inspired Yoga is an exercise focused on meditating on God’s word, breathing, and stretching.


Bible Inspired Yoga does not only nourish your body but also your heart and soul. We’re after a yoga practice that stretches the body and helps us quiet ourselves and connect deeply and authentically with God.


You don’t need any previous yoga experience for buying these classes, beginners as well as more knowledgeable practitioners will benefit from them.



✓  Ten video sessions (15-20 min. long) with Diana Sahakian, viewable on any device or smart TV


✓  Each practice begins with a few minutes of focused attention on inhaling and exhaling, and relaxing our body


✓ A Bible verse will be read and practically applied to our lives. We will meditate on the specific Bible verse throughout the class


 ✓ We will string a series of poses together to create a well-rounded practice that strengthens, stretches, tones, lengthens, and relaxes our muscles, ligaments, and connective tissue.

So we stretch and we strengthen, we breathe and relax, and we set our minds on God.

If your body feels stiff, if you’ve suffered an injury, if you’re managing a chronic illness or simply want to strengthen your body and refresh your soul, THIS CLASS IS FOR YOU!

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How it works:
Once payment is made you will receive an email with a link to a page on our web site where you can access the ten video sessions. You can view the sessions and do the exercises as often as you like.


Experience the peace of God that comes when we integrate our bodies + minds + hearts + souls.

Bible Inspired Yoga