The Stay Fit for Life Journal offers a 13-week guided workbook to help you achieve optimal wellness, mind, body and spirit, from a Christian perspective.


The journal helps you plan your months, weeks, and days guided by your mission statement, and driven by your goals in important areas of your life. 


The journal guides you through 13 weeks at a glance, a month at a glance, a week at a glance and then helps you plan each day of the week focusing on aspects such as:

  • Your Daily 5's 
  • Goals
  • Most Important tasks
  • Most Difficult Tasks
  • Problems
  • Inspiration
  • Thank yous
  • Sorries
  • Prayer 


Created by Diana Sahakian, PT and Wellness Coach, this Journal is designed to help you love the life God called you to live and live it well. If you need help getting your life in order, or if you would like to grow in managing your time well and from a Christian perspective, this tool is for you! 


Stay Fit for Life Journal