Weight Loss Program

Why choose a physical therapist to help
you in your weight loss journey?

You might wonder why you need to see a Physical Therapist for weight loss and not a personal trainer, nutritionist or physician. Physical Therapists are trained in weight loss and overall wellness. They use their expertise in pain management, movement and exercise to help you learn to eat better and develop a customized movement program right for you and your goals.


When too much weight gain occurs, the following symptoms can also occur:  

  • Limited flexibility and movement

  • Limited endurance for everyday activities

  • Frequently running out of breath

  • Fatigue caused by lost strength

  • Pain in your back or lower extremities


Physical therapy can address these symptoms while helping you achieve your weight loss goals.


Take responsibility for
your daily habits.
You’ll learn how journaling can help keep you on track. 

Body Composition Analysis

Our professionals will educate you  on calories & macronutrients to establish 
goals in weight loss & improve body composition.

Nutritional Coaching 

Nutritional education that will empower you to make the right choices that will lead you  to long term lifestyle changes & success.


We are on this weight loss journey with you to help guide you and keep you on track.  

Customized Workout Plans 

Learn how to incorporate the right movement & exercises to move along in your weight loss journey. 


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