Our workshops are custom designed with you in mind. We offer a variety of workshops that incorporate education as well as a personalized individual screening on the topic for each participant. We cater to businesses both large and small.  


Is there a topic you’re interested in but don’t see it below? Email and let us know! These workshops are meant to give you the tools you need to overcome pain, prevent injury and experience wellness, so let us customize a workshop for you!


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Move Right Feel Right Prevent Chronic Pain & Injury

Do you have pain that limits your movement? Are you struggling to get through your daily activities? In this workshop you’ll learn the importance of moving correctly, how to stand right, sit right and sleep right. Identify correct postures and movement patterns and the epidemic of chronic pain and how physical therapy can help you. This workshop will conclude with each student receiving a posture screen by one of our licensed professionals. You’ll walk away with the knowledge to move well, feel well & live well.

Building Better Wellness

Are you struggling to know where and how to start your wellness journey? In this workshop, you’ll learn the definition of health and wellness, acquire a general understanding of the 8 dimensions of wellness and learn about the 8 key ingredients of physical wellness. We’ll cover a variety of topics including posture, strength, exercise/heart rate, weight/BMI, sleep quality, nutrition, balance and stress management. You’ll leave being motivated about your overall health and wellness, learn some facts and begin your process of change to live a healthier life.

Evidence Based Weight Loss

Have you lost weight but find yourself gaining it back? Did your last exercise program flop? In this workshop you’ll review basics about being overweight and obese and how to use FITT (Frequency, Intensity, Time & Type) as well as the MOSS strategy to determine factors that will affect your success. You’ll also learn about the 4 types of exercise and which heart rate zone is right for you to meet your goals. This workshop will conclude with a one on one session with one of our licensed professionals where they will conduct a body composition screen and help guide you to a healthy weight loss journey. It’s time to get fit and stay fit!

Don’t Fall! Test Your Balance

Are you interested in preventing falls and bettering your balance? In this workshop you’ll learn what balance problems are, how do balance problems feel, how are they diagnosed, if they can be prevented and what kind of physical therapist you need and how they can help. This workshop will conclude with each student receiving a balance screen from one of our licensed professionals where they will help determine if you are at risk for a fall. Don’t let the risk of falling prevent you from living an active life. 

About the Instructor
Diana Sahakian, PT, MS, MPT 

Diana Abu Jamra Sahakian, MS, MPT, founded Stay Fit Physical Therapy and Core Wellness, Inc., in June 2006, and currently has 20 years of clinical experience in treating orthopedic injuries, chronic pain, postural asymmetries and muscle imbalances. Inspired by her father, a plastic surgeon, Diana pursued medical studies and earned a Master of Physical Therapy from Northwestern University Medical School and a Master of Science in Counseling. Diana has spent most of her career focusing on health and wellness education, injury prevention, chronic pain management, weight loss and coaching clients towards achieving improved quality of life through movement, education and empowerment. With her background in counseling, she is passionate about helping individuals achieve greater wellness in all areas, especially physical, spiritual, and emotional wellness.


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